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Data Scientists 2.0, you’ve heard the case, now what can you do about it?

Data Scientists 2.0Following on from guest blogger Michael Young’s first post on Data Scientists 2.0, this one shares next steps.

MBN chairman, Paul Forrest, builds on what Michael revealed as the learning points for employers, universities & students (from Data Science placements in Scotland).

In this shorter post, Paul considers key questions for both employers and students: How can employers find these new (improved) Data Scientists 2.0? How can students currently studying Data Science become this new improved candidate.

Plus, Paul explains the role his firm plays in this match making.

Over to our latest guest blogger, to complete this two-part story… (more…)

Data Scientist 2.0, who they are, and what’s going on in Scotland?

data scientist 2.0

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michael Young and his team at MBN Solutions over the last decade. As I mentioned in a previous post on recruitment, I’ve found them to stand apart as a recruitment agency that actually understands this space.

So, I was delighted to be offered this guest blog post, by Michael, on the work they are supporting (with The Data Lab) to understand and place Data Scientist 2.0s.

What does he mean by that new buzzword? Over to Michael to explain (in the first of two posts sharing their findings)… (more…)

Quick data visualisations – taking inspiration from election graphs

quick data visualisationOne of the understandable concerns raised, when I train analysts, is how they can produce quick data visualisations.

After we study the design principles and options to consider, it can seem that to do a quality job takes longer than they normally have. Many analysts complain that timescales are squeezed and corporate life increasingly frenetic, as leaders just want ‘good enough’ answers and want them now.

However, experienced data visualisers can manage to produce effective data visualisations rapidly. Not every engaging graph needs to be a design project, that has gone through extensive refinement. During our month focussing on sharing data visualisation resources, I hope a more pragmatic look at rapid versions might help too.

So, to provide some examples of data visualisations produced within time constraints, I thought we’d look at the analysis of UK election results. What did media companies manage to commission & publish within 24 hours of data being available? (more…)

Maps, can they be more interesting than my geography lessons?

mapsTo add further diversity of voices to our Data Visualisation topic this month, a guest blog post on maps.

Guest blogger Tony Boobier, joins us again, with a short piece musing on his geography lessons and the growing importance of mapping.

Given I’ve just finished teaching a workshop, including options on data visualisation for geo-spatial data, it was amusing to read Tony’s thoughts.

Hope you find this an entertaining distraction too.

Over to Tony & memories of Geography teachers a long long time ago… (more…)

Data Visualisation Resources to keep your eye on: Blogs

data visualisation resourcesThis month I’ll be delivering a Data Visualisation workshop for DataIQLeaders, so I thought I’d share some data visualisation resources here too.

As part of that workshop, for members of DataIQ’s exclusive leadership development club, I will also provide them with some recommended online resources for their CPD.

Since Data Visualisation is also a perennially popular topic on this blog & my Twitter account, this month’s theme will be on that topic.

To start us off, a two-part series on resources for developing your own awareness & capability in Data Visualisation. In this post, I’ll recommend my favourite Data Viz blogs, as an easy starting point to see examples & advice.

Here’s my subjective top 9 blogs on Data Visualisation, for Insight Leaders… (more…)

Advancing on Blockchain Analytics, more investment & collaboration

Blockchain AnalyticsSince our previous post, raising questions for Blockchain to answer, I have seen more news on Blockchain Analytics.

It seems many individuals and firms are working in this space. To bring together the power of analytics (sometimes plus AI), to help both analyse blockchain data and enable new types of analytics.

We raised, in that previous post, the unanswered questions on whether blockchain could help overcome current data challenges & how data held in blocks in chains could be analysed.

In this short follow-up post, I’ll share some progress I’ve made in seeing answers to some of those questions. This includes news items & a video, together with an encouraging increase in collaboration across these different technology specialisms. (more…)

Invest time in these CPD resources for your warm evenings

CPD resourcesAs the temperature becomes increasingly balmy & we enjoy lighter evenings, do you have more time to look over CPD resources?

We’ve mentioned previously the importance of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), both as a leader & an insight professional (data, analytics or research).

So, to complement those reflections on what breadth of content is relevant for Customer Insight leaders, this post shares a few more resources that may help. Once again, I’ve sought to cover a range of different topics that can be relevant.

I hope these resources help you and perhaps inspire further exploration, of a wider range of sources. Enjoy! (more…)