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Are You Going To Be A Data Scientist? Or “Just” An Analyst?

An analystA new month, a new theme for our content. This time we are going to focus on an analyst role.

I’ll share thoughts & guest blogger content on how to recruit, develop, motivate & retain them. Hopefully, this will complement our earlier content on understanding & developing data scientists.

To kick us off, I’m delighted to share this post from our latest new guest blogger, Martin Squires.

Martin is the Global Lead on Customer Intelligence for Boots, or Walgreens Boots Alliance as they are now. (more…)

Stakeholder Engagement – lessons for leaders from project management

stakeholder engagementAt the end of another month, there is just time for one more post on stakeholder engagement.

The change of term from stakeholder management is deliberate. As we welcome back frequent guest blogger Tony Boobier.

In this post, Tony shares his relevant experience from the world of project management. Which stakeholders matter? How do you find them? What is the difference between stakeholder engagement & stakeholder management?

Over to Tony to explain all & offer his advice…

There’s already lot of information about stakeholder management in project textbooks. It’s a function that is recognised as a key part of a project framework, but sometimes overlooked or inadequately attended to. (more…)

Customer Segmentation in a Cognitive Computing age

Customer SegmentationAs a break between my event reporting, lets return to the theme of customer segmentation.

I’ve written recently about the benefit of segmenting your key stakeholders & previously on different approaches to segmentation. To give a different perspective and useful real world experience, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger Peter Lavers.

Having returned from the SAS Analytics event that he referenced in his militaristic analytics posts, Peter is now focussed on his future thinking work with IBM. In this post, he shares why customer segmentation still matters in a cognitive computing age & 4 top tips for being successful. (more…)

Analytics are the new Weapons Guidance Systems (part 2)

Weapons Guidance SystemsAnalytics as a weapons guidance systems? This could only be the second post in two-part series by our guest blogger Peter Lavers.

You may recall that, in his first post, Peter made the case for data being the new marketing battleground. He argued that Marketing and CRM are in exciting times because is it now economically viable to unlock the incredible value of data. Value that’s often hidden in inaccessible and disconnected company databases.

So, over to Peter, to explain how turning his attention to analytics has got so attack minded… (more…)

Listening to 31 Data Scientists and Seeing 10 companies’ applications

listeningTo complement the perspectives of our recent guest bloggers, today I’m sharing three ways of listening to data scientists.

These will include a (potentially) free recommended eBook, an engaging blog post and a punchy video.

Peter, Robert & Francesco have made a case for data & AI potentially transforming businesses & sectors. As part of our month focussed on applications of data & analytics, I also want to share real life case studies. What are the real data scientists in business doing?

Fortunately, there are both some generous publishers and excellent resources available. So, in this post we will hear from 28 different data scientists and 10 companies.

So, let’s get stuck into hearing about the reality of data science & machine learning. (more…)

Customer Data: Is it the new Marketing Battleground?

Marketing BattlegroundData and analytics are being called the new marketing battleground. Indeed, many experienced marketers are rushing to brush up on their technical knowledge.

So, continuing our focus on applications of data & analytics, I’m delighted to welcome back Peter. Peter Lavers is Director of WCL and Customer Attuned.

He is also regularly recognised as one of the top CX experts and influencers today.

Time flies by and surprisingly, it’s almost 2 years since Peter last guest blogged for us. Since then, we’ve seen the benefit of hearing the perspective of CX leaders on our data plans. So, over to Peter to share the first of two blogs on the battleground he sees. (more…)

Forget Big Data, what your customers want is Fast Data

Fast DataAre you unsure if you’re missing out on the potential of Big Data to transform your business, have you considered Fast Data?

For many consumer facing businesses, the speed of providing an easy service can be a key to success. So, I was interested to see this guest post from Robert Baldock. Thanks must also go to Paul Carroll, of Insurance Thought Leadership blog for sharing this with me. The third in our trio of posts from that site.

We continue our month-long focus on pragmatic applications of data & analysis.

Robert is a serial entrepreneur within the iT industry, with 40 years of implementing viable innovative solutions for business. So, it’s goods to hear his take on the relative importance of focussing on speed when thinking about big (or small) data solutions. (more…)