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How to avoid getting bitten on the bum by GDPR (part 2)

GDPRThis is part 2 of our series focussed on helping Data Insight Leaders plan for GDPR. With the EU approved General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to be implemented in UK on 25th May 2018, this must be a consideration for all insight leaders.

There has been a positive response to the first post on this topic, which has confirmed the concern about this topic that I’m hearing in my conversations. It seems many leaders are grateful to just have a simple overview that identifies areas of potential concern.

Although these two posts can only be the start of your journey to assess GDPR impact for your business, I hope they help you.

In our first post we focussed on you needing to check your potential exposure w.r.t these topics:

  • Higher standard of what constitutes consent;
  • Challenges if using ‘legitimate interest’ basis;
  • Permission needed for profiling & implications;
  • Data impact of people’s right to be forgotten.


How to avoid getting bitten on the bum by GDPR (part 1)

GDPRMost of our content this month has been focussed on helping insight leaders prepare for the year ahead. With the EU approved General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to be implemented in UK on 25th May 2018, this must be a consideration for all insight leaders.

In my own work with clients & conversations with others, I do find GDPR is cropping up more often. However, I’ve become a little alarmed at a general sense of complacency, or putting off looking into this for now. Given the scale of impact & time taken to deliver any significant data projects, I suggest leaders focus on this now.

Do you know if you already comply with the likely requirements of GDPR? Have you at least identified any significant data model or systems changes needed, so that project planning can begin ASAP? (more…)

How to start 2017 as a Mindful Leader

mindful leaderTwo books I’ve been enjoying over the Christmas period have prompted me to reflect on being a Mindful Leader. By that, slightly odd, term – I mean a leader making use of mindfulness principles to improve their effectiveness.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed a relaxing & refreshing complete break over Christmas & New Year (as recommended in our last post). Doing so (with the benefit of pre-scheduled social media posting), has enabled me to ‘recharge my batteries’. As well as lots of time with friends & family, such a break also provided bandwidth to read.

The two books I referenced earlier are: Mindfulness & Christian Spirituality” by Tim Stead and Contact & Context: New Directions in Gestalt Coaching” edited by Ty Francis & Malcolm Parlett. The first was a present & the second I have been asked to review for a Psychology journal. Both have been enjoyable reads & helpful to my personal development. In this post I will focus more on the former, as I’ll be producing a fuller book review on the latter in coming weeks. (more…)

The importance of you taking a complete break from work this Christmas holiday

Christmas holidayAt this time of year, leaders wish each other a Happy Christmas, but how many take a proper holiday break?

In our hyper connected world, with at times still a ‘macho’ leadership culture, it’s easy to be tempted to still work.

Do you really relax with your family or friends, or are you checking emails or fitting in more paperwork?

Although it does sometimes feel like organisations reward those who appear to work long hours & prioritise work over other commitments, in the long run burnout does not win.

So, as the final full post of 2016, let me offer some reflections as to why I will be taking a complete break over Christmas & New Year. What are the benefits of taking a complete break this Christmas? (more…)

Where should your firm focus for growth in 21st century? (part 2)

focus for growthContinuing our 2 part series, on where leaders should focus for growth; in our changing world, full of new technology.

This post builds on our first post. That covered major trends, the need for customer insight & what is required to manage your data effectively.

Aligned to learning from Insight Leader events in London & Barcelona, a key theme was the need to focus on your customers (not just technological opportunities)

Our attention now turns again to your customers, but this time also considering the issue of their irrational behavioural biases.

How should this trait of human nature influence your plans or focus for growth? (more…)

Where should your firm focus for 21st century growth?

focusHaving spent a number of weeks speaking at, or chairing, various industry events – I’ve become aware how much focus there is on technology. FS firms in particular appear nervous about rise of FinTech/InsTech & convinced they should focus on digital & technology for growth.

Is that right? Does success & sustainable growth come from that focus?

In response, I want to share a two-part blog post, based on a talk that I’m giving to mutual lenders in London.

The topic concerns where to focus as a 21st century business. Hopefully it will help leaders grappling with competing demands on their time & attention. Here is part one. (more…)

Securing buy-in for Customer Insight, to overcome under-investment

buy-inAlready, this autumn, I’ve had opportunity to meet & work with a variety of customer insight leaders. All of them, in different contexts, struggle with the need to secure buy-in to the potential of customer insight for their business.

So, hopefully, it will help others to capture some of our thinking & achieve action in response.

These insight leaders come from different sectors & are working within businesses with different capabilities.

Some are currently leading largely research teams and are looking to grow their analytics capability. Others have skilled analysts, but have struggled to get use of insight embedded into marketing practice. (more…)