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Last chance to attend #MSMS2015 on 1 July

Just a quick reminder that the MultiChannel Sales & Marketing Strategy business tour 2015 (#MSMS2015 on Twitter) is happening on 1-3 July at the Ampersand Hotel in London.

Organised by Redenex, who have been a pleasure to work with, this event should help retailers understand a number of key marketing and sales skills to grow their businesses.

I’ve shared previously some short interviews covering some of the topics I’ll be speaking on at this event: (more…)

How to get started on Customer Insight and why research matters

Where to beginThis is the last in series of four posts sharing short video interviews prior to #MSMS2015 event in London this July. Having shared interviews covering relevance of event, data challenges & analytics, we now turn to starting out.

At some point during such conferences, I am asked by a delegate how they can get started with Customer Insight. It’s refreshing, after so much spin & sophistication presented by technology suppliers, to have such an honest question. Often it comes from delegates who will openly admit that they have made little or no progress in understanding their customers or acting on real insights. So, the first short interview answers that question. (more…)

What is analytics & how can you drive value from it?

Technical analysisAnalytics is a topic of interest for multi-channel retailers across Europe. I’m hearing that they want to know how to maximise the value they can gain from investing in analysis teams, or how to get started with this capability.

In the run up to “Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Strategy 2015“, #MSMS2015, a number of video interviews have been recorded on this topic.

To help you decide whether or not attending this event (in London on 1-3 July) would be valuable for you, this post shares my interview answers on analytics questions. Those start with answering: “What are behavioural & predictive analytics?” Then build on that to focus on how to add value, through answering both “How do you measure marketing payback?” & “How do you demonstrate measurable benefit?(more…)

Data challenges & value opportunities for retailers

Data challengesOne of the themes of video interviews prior to #MSMS2015 event has been questions on data. What data challenges do multi-channel retailers face? How can they start acting on  data? How do they choose the right technology?

So, as a second preview to this event (Multi-Channel Sales & Marketing Strategy), shown below are three short video interviews answering those questions. In just a few minutes each, these are of course only brief introductions as to what you need to consider. But hopefully they give you a feel for the guidance that will be available at this event, through talks, Q&A and exercises. (more…)

How do you judge value before attending?

How do you judge if an event is right for you? With all business leaders living such busy lives these days, even free events cost you valuable time to attend, so you need a way to judge value in advance.

A helpful trend is the more common practice, recently, of conferences releasing pre-event videos or podcasts.

This enables potential delegates to hear speakers, so as to judge value & relevance to them.

In preparation for  “Multichannel Sales & Marketing Strategy – business tour for winning retailers” on 1-3 July in London, a series of video interviews have been produced. Today I’ll share those related to the event itself. These are organised to each answer one of the questions we hear potential delegates ask. (more…)

Event: FSF annual members’ conference

logo-tfsf-205x68On 24th March, the Financial Services Forum (FSF) held their annual members conference, with approx. 100 delegates across FS firms & agencies.

A number of marketing experts shared their experience, including Alan Gilmour, Liana Dinghile & Christophe Langlois. They covered relevant topics for FS firms today: Customer Centricity, Clear Communications & use of Social Media. Sadly, I missed most of their presentations due to other meetings, however Christophe shared some useful reminders to think of social as a new way of doing business rather than a separate channel (including example of an Indian bank offering “hashtag banking” enabling various transactions via Twitter).

Here is the agenda, as well as further information on those speakers (see below for my slides via SlideShare):


Wales All Sector Coaching Conference

welsh-coaching-conference-2Although this was a coaching conference, aimed at coaches of all kinds, the content proved very insightful in understanding human thinking & behaviour, so should also be of interest to all leaders.

It was hosted at University of South Wales, by the very friendly Commercial Services team there. Sponsors included the Association of Coaching & the Institute of Leadership & Management (I’m a member of both organisations and recommend their resources). Our chair was the passionate hub of coaching in South Wales, Dave Tee an excellent academic and coach of coaches who has really advanced the focus on coaching in this region.

Themes for the day proved to be learning from Neuroscience, best practice in coaching (especially selecting a coach), Ethics in business and the controversial topic of aptly titled “Provocative Coaching“. There was much to learn from speakers in all these areas. (more…)