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FinTech conference, why your insight matters more than tech (part 2)

fintech conferenceHere we continue our two-part series on lessons learnt from #CXC2016 FinTech conference.

Hopefully this provides some learning points, not just for those working in Financial Services, but all those in businesses facing disruption from technology & start-ups.

To complement part 1, which focussed more on presentations from incumbents or traditional business models, here I’ll share the highlights from a variety of other presenters.

I’m pleased to say a number of common themes continued: (more…)

FinTechs, focus on tech, design or real people? (part 1)

FintechsThis week, I had the opportunity to attend and chair a panel, at a leading FinTechs event in London.

Bringing together new entrants, incumbent FS firms, a regulator & technology suppliers – it was an interesting melting pot. As shared in a previous post (on related research findings), one of my goals for this event was to encourage a focus on Customer Insight, in both FinTechs & digital design work. Many of the speakers & panels were encouraging in that regard.

For those who were unable to make it, or for attendees looking to reflect on the key lessons they learned, hopefully these post-event reflections help.

There was so much content to chew on at this event, that I’m splitting it into a two-part series. This post focusses on talks from 3 different incumbent banks & 2 disrupters who, although they have a fresh approach to culture, have more similar business models to traditional banks. The second post will include content from tech companies, a true FinTech bank about to launch & a traditional insurer tackling data governance. (more…)

Chat about event triggers, over breakfast in the Gherkin

event triggersThis week I had the privilege of speaking at a breakfast briefing hosted by MyCustomer and Royal Mail Data Services. It was a great opportunity to share how useful event triggers can be, from my own experience helping clients.

Those joining us for this ‘invitation only’ breakfast came from a range of sectors, including not-for-profit, Retail & Financial Services. Only a minority were already actively using Predictive Analytics, to target their marketing, but those who were used propensity models.

As I’ve shared in a previous post, timing can be so critical to the effectiveness of your marketing. Quoting recent reports issued by both Royal Mail Data Services & the DMA, I shared how relevance is the critical predictor of marketing success. Does your communication arise at the right time & place (c.f. mobile moments post)? Is it personalised in design & content, to focus on the job that customer wants to get done right now?

In designing this event, MyCustomer had wisely allowed plenty of time for discussions at our tables, following the talk. As a speaker, even when I’m very familiar with the topic, it’s always refreshing to be part of these conversations – plus I always learn something new. (more…)

Tips from passionate Data Insight Leaders in Barcelona

Data Insight LeadersAttending the 2016 Data Insight Leaders Summit in Barcelona proved to be a very wise decision. Unlike so many buzzword-focussed events, this one actually did attract speakers & delegates who were data insight leaders.

It also featured plenty of variety & interactive formats, to help delegates get fresh insights into their own data leadership challenges.

My role was to chair Day Two of this event, together with the Sales & Marketing track on Day One.

I’m pleased to report that being chair helps focus your attention on the key points & what best to bring out as lessons to remember. So, for the benefit of you readers who didn’t manage to make it to Barcelona, let me try & summarise the main lessons from this conference. (more…)

Data doesn’t kill creative, it feeds it (how to use both)

creativeThis week I had the opportunity to speak at the CIM’s Marketing Analytics & Creative Conference in Cardiff.

#CIMSmartArt proved to be a great event. Expertly chaired by Sameer Rahman, it focussed on the challenge: Is data killing creative?

In a room with a mixture of data-led and more design/creative focussed marketers, 4 speakers had opportunity to share their experience. The result was an encouraging conclusion. That both better use of data analytics (or wider customer insight) and creative design should be the goal.

Most speakers were coming from a wider marketing or creative agency perspective & it was great to hear how they valued data & analytics. They knew they needed insight to guide & feed their work. (more…)

Say no to a Data Scientist, in a festival of webinars

webinarIt was a pleasure, yesterday, to take part in the latest Directors’ Club ‘festival of webinars’.

This intriguingly entitled event spans 12 days, with an hour-long webinar each day. Each webinar includes two speakers, under the theme for the festival, which is: “Champions & Innovators of Customer Experience“.

Given that title, I was honoured to be asked to take part. Jon Snow, founder of Directors’ Club, has assembled a great list of participants including CX leaders from BP, Barclays, Atom Bank & The Post Office.

It was also good to see another of our guest bloggers, Gerry Brown share some of his wisdom on Day 3. His talk on “The power behind the phone – Reconnecting the front line, turning up their performance” is well worth hearing if you get a chance.

Yesterday was Day 6 of the festival, which I joined as first speaker (a link to the video is included below). (more…)

Can FinTech have anything to do with Customer Insight?

FinTechHot on the heels of my last post, recommending you reboot your thinking after your summer holiday, here’s another. Both another post & details of another event. For those of you more interested in the emerging world of FinTech & what that could mean for customer experience, read on.

Earlier this year, I was approached by the FinTech Network to help create an event that brought together FinTech or InsureTech innovators with existing providers. The aim is to focus more broadly on topics that matter to us here, like Customer Insight & CX.

Avoiding the pitfalls of technology for technologies’ sake, this agenda aims to focus on how such capabilities could deepen customer engagement. it’s an interesting opportunity to also hear further from technology firms & new entrants, to get a new perspective on customer insight needs for our industry. (more…)