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Say no to a Data Scientist, in a festival of webinars

webinarIt was a pleasure, yesterday, to take part in the latest Directors’ Club ‘festival of webinars’.

This intriguingly entitled event spans 12 days, with an hour-long webinar each day. Each webinar includes two speakers, under the theme for the festival, which is: “Champions & Innovators of Customer Experience“.

Given that title, I was honoured to be asked to take part. Jon Snow, founder of Directors’ Club, has assembled a great list of participants including CX leaders from BP, Barclays, Atom Bank & The Post Office.

It was also good to see another of our guest bloggers, Gerry Brown share some of his wisdom on Day 3. His talk on “The power behind the phone – Reconnecting the front line, turning up their performance” is well worth hearing if you get a chance.

Yesterday was Day 6 of the festival, which I joined as first speaker (a link to the video is included below). (more…)

Can FinTech have anything to do with Customer Insight?

FinTechHot on the heels of my last post, recommending you reboot your thinking after your summer holiday, here’s another. Both another post & details of another event. For those of you more interested in the emerging world of FinTech & what that could mean for customer experience, read on.

Earlier this year, I was approached by the FinTech Network to help create an event that brought together FinTech or InsureTech innovators with existing providers. The aim is to focus more broadly on topics that matter to us here, like Customer Insight & CX.

Avoiding the pitfalls of technology for technologies’ sake, this agenda aims to focus on how such capabilities could deepen customer engagement. it’s an interesting opportunity to also hear further from technology firms & new entrants, to get a new perspective on customer insight needs for our industry. (more…)

How to reboot your thinking after a summer vacation

reboot your thinkingDo you have plans for events to attend this autumn? Are they ones that will help you stay on top of the developments in Customer Insight broadly, or Data & Analytics in particular? How will you reboot your thinking after a relaxing break in the sun?

If you don’t yet have plans for that ‘back to school‘ time, after summer holidays, we can help.

Customer Insight Leader is going to be looking closer at some of the most interesting events, coming up later this year.

To start with, I’m going to review some material available from the Data Insight Leaders Summit.

This event is on 12-13 October, in the attractive venue of Barcelona. Further details can be found here & we’ll share more detail in coming weeks. In the interests of disclosure I should say I will be chairing Day 2 of this event (because it looked so interesting): (more…)

Colliding with a big conversation about Data Science

Data ScienceYesterday I had the pleasure of attending Scotland’s first “collider” event for Data Science.

Data Talent Scotland brought together over 400 from the worlds of academia & commerce to talk Data Science & improve understanding of one another.

Scotland is blessed with a rich source of Data Science courses & supporting universities (11 Masters courses in Data Science alone). There are also plenty of students on these well attended courses, as shown by the hundreds attending this event. Most appear enthusiastic about pursuing careers in Data Science.

Yet, just like elsewhere in the UK, I still hear about difficulties recruiting Data Scientists & more demand than supply in companies ‘talent pipelines’. Why does this happen? Probably because too often these two worlds don’t meet, nor talk the same language. Bridging that divide was one of the best achievements of this event.

After initially gathering in a packed exhibition hall (at the great venue of The Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh), delegates had chance to visit over 50 exhibition stands. These included stands from universities, but were predominantly potential employers, so of obvious interest to students. As someone who focussed on the FS sector, I must commend Ageas, Tesco Bank & RBS for exhibiting, as well as many others from large consultancies to smaller agencies & public sector.

The first section included presentations from 3 of the event sponsors. Here are my recollections of their advice to students: (more…)

Coaching Conference with rich resources for your solutions

Coaching ConferenceThe 3rd Welsh Coaching Conference, held at Cardiff City football ground, was a great success and even more useful than last year.

As a small business, it’s always a challenge to prioritise personal development, but attending this event was the right decision.

It seems I’m not alone in thinking that either as the number of coaches attending had almost double this year.

We were all treated to a packed agenda, well organised by the USW Commercial team and expertly chaired by the inimitable Dave Tee (now Director of USW Coaching Centre).

Talking with others over the breaks & visiting the various exhibition stands, you really get a feel that coaching has ‘grown up’ as a profession. Not only is it clearly established in Wales and serving clients across private, public & third sector roles. But the focus has matured from just seeking the latest novel model/process or tips on ‘how to get more clients’, to an interest in making a sustainable difference & adapting to the changing needs of clients (including a team focus). (more…)

How are Big Data & Analytics really being used by Insurers?

Big Data & AnalyticsAnother week, another conference, this time it was Big Data & Analytics for Insurance.

To start, I was running a pre-conference workshop (as mentioned previously) on how Customer Insight can help mitigate Conduct Risks for insurers. Good to get active engagement from delegates and once more see how relevant analytics & research are to embedding best practice marketing that provides (as BAU) better outcomes for your customers.

After that workshop on Tuesday, this two day event included speakers from across the insurance industry. Mostly UK-based, they were sharing how big data & analytics were making a difference in their companies. Helpfully, to compliment the lessons learn at the last conference I attended (sharing the progress of Insurance Marketing leaders), these presenters were leaders of analytics or insight functions. So, it was an opportunity to hear the perspective of these customer insight leaders & progress being made towards marketing visions.

As ever, there is much you forget after the enthusiasm of such an event. So, I find it helps to take notes (to tweet if the event is organised for that) and to only try to take away one lesson from each speaker. (more…)

Pre-conference workshops, do they work for you?

Pre-conference workshopPre-conference workshops. Have you ever tried them? Did you get value out of them?

We’ve shared before the ways you can judge the value of insight & analytics conferences before committing. With more pre-conference content marketing, it’s more & more possible to select the events that will provide the expertise & themes you seek.

But what about the trend to having pre or post conference workshops or 1 to 1 sessions? Have you participated in those and found them valuable?

I’m asking because, for the first time, I’m providing such a workshop. Prior to “Big Data & Analytics for Insurance”, on the 26th Jan at Doubletree Victoria in London. For that day, I’ll be running a workshop to help delegates better understand the role Customer Insight can play in helping them mitigate their Conduct Risks. (more…)