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How to go about communicating GDPR, with accountants over breakfast

communicating GDPRThis week, I had the pleasure of communicating GDPR to over 30 accountants, over breakfast.

Now, I recognise that might sound like a potential snooze-fest, particularly after a good breakfast. In fact, it was a really enjoyable event. One, all involved, said had really helped them. Which is great feedback to hear as a speaker (phew!) I was perhaps helped by grey weather outside, but the view (in photo shown) from SushiSamba in Heron Tower, was still pretty good.

Partnering with PracticeWeb, I had the challenge of summarising GDPR into a 45 minutes breakfast briefing.

The potential to understand the impact on your firm certainly appealed, as over 30 guests joined us.

Those of you who have read my previous posts on GDPR will know that there are many impacts to consider. Avoiding a nasty surprise, means thinking broader, than just the “opt-in consent verses legitimate interest” debate. In this talk I provided a high-level overview, of my training on GDPR. So, I’ll share highlights of my talk, in the hope that it helps you too. (more…)

How to go ‘all in’, with a Data Science or Analytics bet for your business

all inHow big a bet are you making on Data Science, are you going ‘all in’?

With any event as rich in content at Data Insight Leader Summit, its useful to also hear others ‘takeaways’.

So, to supplement my own insights from this conference, I’m delighted to welcome new guest blogger, Hanne Sorteberg.

Hanne is BI Manager for SpareBank1 Forsikring, an alliance of savings banks in Norway (together Norway’s 2nd biggest bank).

I’m grateful to her for recording so many useful reflections on lessons highlighted by this event.They should also be a useful guide to anyone new to  Data Science or Analytics to improve their business. Over to Hanne to provide a useful overview, of using analytics, so you don’t have to go ‘all in’ without knowing the risks… (more…)

In praise of imperfection, for analysts to achieve success

imperfectionAmongst their many positive qualities, analysts can often be perfectionists, unwilling to settle for imperfection.

A quest for excellence and an attention to detail can be admirable qualities. Together with a restless curiosity, such attitudes can characterise a natural analyst.

But, as all perfectionists will discover, seeking perfection in your work can more often hinder than help.

So, given all the hype on social media about technological perfection, let me offer an antidote.

In this post, I’m going to speak up in favour of imperfection. Sharing 4 examples of where accepting imperfect solutions is key to making progress. (more…)

Are You Going To Be A Data Scientist? Or “Just” An Analyst?

An analystA new month, a new theme for our content. This time we are going to focus on an analyst role.

I’ll share thoughts & guest blogger content on how to recruit, develop, motivate & retain them. Hopefully, this will complement our earlier content on understanding & developing data scientists.

To kick us off, I’m delighted to share this post from our latest new guest blogger, Martin Squires.

Martin is the Global Lead on Customer Intelligence for Boots, or Walgreens Boots Alliance as they are now. (more…)

Stakeholder Engagement – lessons for leaders from project management

stakeholder engagementAt the end of another month, there is just time for one more post on stakeholder engagement.

The change of term from stakeholder management is deliberate. As we welcome back frequent guest blogger Tony Boobier.

In this post, Tony shares his relevant experience from the world of project management. Which stakeholders matter? How do you find them? What is the difference between stakeholder engagement & stakeholder management?

Over to Tony to explain all & offer his advice…

There’s already lot of information about stakeholder management in project textbooks. It’s a function that is recognised as a key part of a project framework, but sometimes overlooked or inadequately attended to. (more…)

How FinTech meets CX and needs Insight in 2017

FinTech meets CXAnother week, another event, this time a FinTech meets CX conference.

We’ve shared before that growth hacking, or your future growth plans, need insight & CX leaders, as well as technologists. This event provides an opportunity to bring together all three communities.

For the first time in 2016, FinTechNetwork brought together start-ups & incumbents, to focus on Customer Experience.

This year, again this is a gathering of those interested in not just technology, but also customers. Discussing ways to innovate and transform experiences for customers, whilst generating a profit. (more…)

Customer Segmentation in a Cognitive Computing age

Customer SegmentationAs a break between my event reporting, lets return to the theme of customer segmentation.

I’ve written recently about the benefit of segmenting your key stakeholders & previously on different approaches to segmentation. To give a different perspective and useful real world experience, I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger Peter Lavers.

Having returned from the SAS Analytics event that he referenced in his militaristic analytics posts, Peter is now focussed on his future thinking work with IBM. In this post, he shares why customer segmentation still matters in a cognitive computing age & 4 top tips for being successful. (more…)