conversation about maximising value from customer insight

Data doesn’t kill creative, it feeds it (how to use both)

creativeThis week I had the opportunity to speak at the CIM’s Marketing Analytics & Creative Conference in Cardiff.

#CIMSmartArt proved to be a great event. Expertly chaired by Sameer Rahman, it focussed on the challenge: Is data killing creative?

In a room with a mixture of data-led and more design/creative focussed marketers, 4 speakers had opportunity to share their experience. The result was an encouraging conclusion. That both better use of data analytics (or wider customer insight) and creative design should be the goal.

Most speakers were coming from a wider marketing or creative agency perspective & it was great to hear how they valued data & analytics. They knew they needed insight to guide & feed their work. (more…)

Say no to a Data Scientist, in a festival of webinars

webinarIt was a pleasure, yesterday, to take part in the latest Directors’ Club ‘festival of webinars’.

This intriguingly entitled event spans 12 days, with an hour-long webinar each day. Each webinar includes two speakers, under the theme for the festival, which is: “Champions & Innovators of Customer Experience“.

Given that title, I was honoured to be asked to take part. Jon Snow, founder of Directors’ Club, has assembled a great list of participants including CX leaders from BP, Barclays, Atom Bank & The Post Office.

It was also good to see another of our guest bloggers, Gerry Brown share some of his wisdom on Day 3. His talk on “The power behind the phone – Reconnecting the front line, turning up their performance” is well worth hearing if you get a chance.

Yesterday was Day 6 of the festival, which I joined as first speaker (a link to the video is included below). (more…)

Just tell me, what does good look like?

what does good look likeBack from holiday, refreshed and ready to go, it’s time to return to our theme of applying customer insight to marketing. So, what does good look like?

To provide one perspective on this, I’m pleased to welcome back guest blogger Ben Salmon, co-founder of Crank. As an experienced marketing professional, with a strong analytics background, Ben shares his thoughts on what good digital marketing looks like. With a particular focus on the metrics marketers need.

Over to Ben, to paint his picture…

Hey, good looking

So what does good look like, how do we define it and how do we know we are putting our effort into the right things? (more…)

How you are using coaches & mentors in business today

coaches & mentorsAs a break from our month focussing on applying insight to marketing, it’s time to share the results of our coaches & mentors poll.

You may remember that back in August, we launched a short survey on use of coaching & mentoring. Thanks to those who participated. We now have stable enough results to give an interesting, at least initial, picture. As someone who works as an external coach & mentor, some of these results have surprised me. See if they accord with your experience.

Following advice on understanding the difference between coaches & mentors, together with when you might need each, I was keen to see take-up. So, questions in this poll centred around 3 topics: use of coaches; use of mentors; personal development progress.

Here is what you shared… (more…)

What could you learn from Canadian Insurers?

Canadian insurersWhen working to improve your marketing through using customer insight, it’s important to still use market intelligence. Knowing what competitors are doing, seeing the wider sector marketing to which your target customers are exposed, these sources still matter. Sometimes other sectors can also offer the fresh perspective you need. So, let’s hear from Canadian insurers.

Paul Carroll, CEO of Insurance Thought Leadership hub, has shared guest posts with us previously.

While chatting with Paul about this month’s theme (applying insight to marketing), he introduced me to this post from Robert Knop.

To help those of you seeking to transform your digital marketing through using customer insight, I hope this post from Robert helps. Some clear reminders of lessons learnt, both from what is working for North American insurers & how their use of digital media is changing.

Without further ado, over to our latest guest blogger (Robert is CEO of Assist You Today) to share his memories from a Canadian insurers conference: (more…)

Why you need to embed Customer Insight in your marketing lifecycle

marketing lifecycleWelcome to a new month & a new academic year. As we roll into September, our theme for the month moves on to ‘Marketing Applications’. By that, I mean examples of how Customer Insight can help throughout the marketing lifecycle.

As before we will seek to bring you a mix of voices, as well as surveying your current practice.

I hope, this Marketing focussed month, will bring some very practical content for you to use in your leadership role.



Show your emotions, why it helps you lead better

your emotionsShould you show your emotions more or less, in your leadership?

I’m delighted to welcome back guest blogger Kevin Watson, to share his thoughts on this topic.

My own experience is mixed. I have been in corporate settings where leaders were encouraged to ‘bring their whole self to work‘, openly sharing their emotions with each other. In that case it proved to be a recipe for hurt; for those foolhardy enough to bare their souls. Nevertheless, I believe in what Kevin is sharing.

Leading my own teams has taught me that more holistic & authentic leadership works. Leaders need to set the tone for the culture they want in their organisations. Creating a safe place where people can share how they feel as well as what they think is far healthier for well-being as well as innovation.

Here’s Coach Kevin’s perspective once more… (more…)