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Why Mr Claus wants Big Data Analytics for Christmas

ClausAt this festive time of year, I’ve been scouring online for relevant seasonal wishes. Here is one such wish by Santa Claus, that also suits a few Customer Insight Leaders that I know.

Reading several blogs, I was delighted to find that such a seasonal take on the need for data analytics was published by my friends at Mango software.

Experts & local advocates in the use of R programming language for data science, it was no surprise to see Mango covering this topic.

But, I am indebted to Hannah Evans from Mango for publishing an introduction to the business relevance of analytics, with such a Christmassy twist.

Over to Hannah for a usefully simple example of how analytics can help, to help you feel that bit more festive… (more…)

Where should your firm focus for growth in 21st century? (part 2)

focus for growthContinuing our 2 part series, on where leaders should focus for growth; in our changing world, full of new technology.

This post builds on our first post. That covered major trends, the need for customer insight & what is required to manage your data effectively.

Aligned to learning from Insight Leader events in London & Barcelona, a key theme was the need to focus on your customers (not just technological opportunities)

Our attention now turns again to your customers, but this time also considering the issue of their irrational behavioural biases.

How should this trait of human nature influence your plans or focus for growth? (more…)

Where should your firm focus for 21st century growth?

focusHaving spent a number of weeks speaking at, or chairing, various industry events – I’ve become aware how much focus there is on technology. FS firms in particular appear nervous about rise of FinTech/InsTech & convinced they should focus on digital & technology for growth.

Is that right? Does success & sustainable growth come from that focus?

In response, I want to share a two-part blog post, based on a talk that I’m giving to mutual lenders in London.

The topic concerns where to focus as a 21st century business. Hopefully it will help leaders grappling with competing demands on their time & attention. Here is part one. (more…)

Securing buy-in for Customer Insight, to overcome under-investment

buy-inAlready, this autumn, I’ve had opportunity to meet & work with a variety of customer insight leaders. All of them, in different contexts, struggle with the need to secure buy-in to the potential of customer insight for their business.

So, hopefully, it will help others to capture some of our thinking & achieve action in response.

These insight leaders come from different sectors & are working within businesses with different capabilities.

Some are currently leading largely research teams and are looking to grow their analytics capability. Others have skilled analysts, but have struggled to get use of insight embedded into marketing practice. (more…)

FinTech conference, why your insight matters more than tech (part 2)

fintech conferenceHere we continue our two-part series on lessons learnt from #CXC2016 FinTech conference.

Hopefully this provides some learning points, not just for those working in Financial Services, but all those in businesses facing disruption from technology & start-ups.

To complement part 1, which focussed more on presentations from incumbents or traditional business models, here I’ll share the highlights from a variety of other presenters.

I’m pleased to say a number of common themes continued: (more…)

Congrats on the promotion, 4 tips on how to be a manager not doer

managerReturning to our current theme, of career development, its time to focus on the transition to being a manager.

As I’ve spent much of this month speaking at or chairing events, I have spoken to people at all different stages of their customer insight careers. From senior leaders, all the way through to graduates starting their first analyst job. All face different, but equally important challenges, to make the kind of transitions focussed on by the book “Leadership Pipeline“.

Given much of our content on this blog has previously focussed on senior leaders & strategic decisions, I think it’s time to give due focus to the critical change from analyst to manager. (more…)

Whose afraid of the big bad US election pollsters?

US electionMany column inches of newspapers this week have been filled with diagnosis of what went wrong with polls predicting US election outcome.

Why were most media outlets, most polls predicting a Clinton win. More relevantly to this blog, should it actually matter to Customer Insight leaders.

I believe some of the lessons that can be learnt from this & other recent failures are very relevant for insight leaders. There are two main reasons for that.

Firstly, not everyone got it wrong or got it wrong as much; so there are examples to learn from. Secondly, some of the lessons to learn relate to relative use of analytics & research methods — so their relevance is much wider than just election polling.

As might be expected, the New York Times ran a well written piece, about the failure of polls & many forecasters. (more…)