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We shall miss Hans Rosling, but let’s learn from his genius

Hans RoslingGiven our focus as a blog, I didn’t want to let another week go by without acknowledging the passing of Hans Rosling.

When I first heard the news, via BBC’s More of Less podcast, I was so sad to think that we’ve lost such a great communicator of statistics. Listening to this memorial podcast, which is well worth a listen, my mind went back to memories of TED talks by Hans and the passion with which he educated on public health.

Beyond the legacy that Hans has left in the field of public health, however, he has also left a legacy for Customer Insight Leaders.

If you have not previously seen Hans present data visualisations, or bring his analysis to life with props as diverse as toilet rolls or sword swallowing, you really must. Do yourself a favour and check out some of his best TED talks. (more…)

6 reasons leaders fail to prepare for disaster

disasterPerhaps it’s a feature of working with so many Financial Services clients, but I’m surprised how often talk of investing in data turns to risk & preparing for disaster.

How important is it to prepare for high-likelihood/low-severity risks (the ‘day-to-day‘, if you like) verses low-likelihood/high-severity risks (potential disasters)? Is it worth only investing in the data needed to operate as you currently do, or should data plans be more ambitious?

So, a post that caught my eye this week was again published in a newsletter from Paul Carroll (Insurance Thought Leadership). Particularly because the topic has wider application than just insurance. It should be of concern for leaders everywhere.

We’ve shared in recent weeks on GDPR and the data implications of that regulation.

Even from that perspective, do you struggle to prepare for potential disasters?

In this short post, Professors Howard Kunreuther & Robert Meyer (from University of Pennsylvania) share 6 reasons why leaders fail to prepare for disasters… (more…)

Why applied analytics projects have more success

applied analyticsHaving benefitted from listening to a CX leaders’ perspective on vision for data & analytics, lets consider applied analytics projects.

In fact, this focus is an opportunity to hear the voice of another key stakeholder in major analytics implementations. That is, the perspective of the software provider or IT supplier.

Now, I know, these people can have a bad reputation. Too many ‘shiny suited’ salespeople and unfulfilled promises, post demo, can leave many leaders very sceptical.

But, there are also good people working in technology companies & the experience they gain from helping multiple companies implement analytics can be a godsend.

So, I’d like to welcome a new guest blogger for our blog. Dax Craig is co-founder and CEO of Valen Analytics. Our old friend Paul Carroll (of Insurance Thought Leadership blog) recommended Dax, to share these thoughts on why applied analytics projects are the way to go.

Let’s suspend that skepticism, long enough to hear Dax’s useful advice for your projects… (more…)

CX leader shares vision of the future for using customer data

CX leaderPart of the art of data leadership is the collaboration needed with other leaders. How can you partner with others, like the CX leader, to envision the organisation and deploy data/analytics solutions that improve customer experience.

Well, rather than me tell you what will work (from my experience on the customer insight side of that equation), let’s ask a CX leader.

To do that, I’m delighted to welcome back our regular guest blogger, Annette Franz.

In this post, Annette shares her vision of how data and analytics could and should be used to improve CX in future.

Over to Annette to share this useful ‘other side of the table‘ perspective… (more…)

How to make better decisions as a Customer Insight leader

better decisionsA natural build on our recent leadership emphasis, is how the latest insights from the discipline of Customer Insight can help leaders make better decisions.

A few posts that I’ve read recently have touched on this topic. Hopefully, I can help you as a leader, by sharing this content with you.

The first content also touches on a topic that our latest reader survey requested more content on, that of behavioural biases and some of the academic evidence for what to consider and how to face into their existence. (more…)

More people are realising Customer Insight needs Leadership

leadershipOne of the regular comments made about this blog, is that we focus on leadership & coaching as well as the more technical aspects of Customer Insight.

Mostly this is mentioned as a compliment. Leaders especially value a focus on their role & ideas on professional development.

Following on from the positive feedback in our latest reader survey, it feels like a real privilege to be trusted in providing such input or ideas for today’s leaders.

This week, I’ve been struck that a number of other organisations working in this space have seen the need for this focus too. So, given our readers would like to hear more guest content, I thought it worth summarising some of these other sources for you to consider. (more…)