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2018 technology trends for leaders to consider, looking inside

looking insideFollowing on from our post on technology trends for leaders to consider, based on consumers, let’s look inwards.

By that, I mean let’s consider both the needs of today’s organisations & technical innovations less visible to consumers.

In this post, we will update you on progress with blockchain. You may recall, our posts explaining this & asking the key questions for analytics leaders. We will also consider how AI can impact how organisations are run and finally a number of CDOs thoughts on implications for data strategy.

But first, I want to build on the CMS Wire blog post, which I shared at the end of our last post. That is, the one on the rise of VR. (more…)

Technology trends to consider in your insight planning for 2018

technology trendsRegular readers of this blog will know that we don’t usually focus on technology trends. One of the insights this blog is sharing is the importance of the human elements of customer insight & analytics. Leadership skills, softer skills, CPD and human context all matter hugely, to customer insight generating value for organisations.

However, at this time of year, with so much material being shared on technology trends & futurology, it is hard to ignore.

What is more, it is an element that should be considered in your goal setting for 2018. As suggested, in our post on specific goals for customer insight leaders, the potential of new technology has to be considered.

So, amongst all the material being shared & all the potential technologies, which should you consider? (more…)

Reflecting on your progress in 2017, learning to set the right goals for 2018

progress in 2017During the first week of this New Year, there’s still time to reflect on your progress in 2017.

I hope our latest posts on goal setting for 2018 (and specific goals) have been useful. It is well worth taking time, to hone the right goals for this year, including spreading delivery across quarters.

But, before finalising what to set as your new goals, have you taken time to learn from 2017?

Have you reviewed how you did, against last year’s goals & why?

I’m pleased to say that here at Customer Insight Leader blog we achieved two of the key goals we set. (more…)

Setting specific goals, as an Insight Leader, for 2018

specific goalsHappy New Year, it’s time to decide what your annual specific goals will be.

For the last couple of years, I’ve shared a post recommending a system for setting goals & achieving them. However, a few conversations with insight leaders have reminded me that advice remains generic. What about which goals to set?

As this blog aims to support Customer Insight Leaders, I want to also offer more specific advice.

Given the context of common challenges & potential future trends, which goals would I advise? Well, far be it from me to second guess your priorities & specific context, but I hope these thoughts help. They are intended to simply act as a checklist; to prompt your own thinking. (more…)

Christmas Special – insight about the festive season

Christmas SpecialAs Christmas draws closer, it’s time for a Christmas Special blog post. Like a double-length Radio Times, I hope these festive goodies will keep you entertained over the holiday.

Two thoughts have guided my selection of material to share with you this week. Firstly, after so much focus on specific themes (Data Visualisation, Stakeholders, GDPR & Data Quality) I aim to be broader. Following my definition of Holistic Customer Insight, I have sought holistic festive content. That is, data, analytics, research & database marketing related material.

Secondly, I was looking for fun content. It’s too near to Christmas for me to take this blog too seriously. So, I hope you enjoy this menagerie of festive insight content. Following my own advice, from December 22nd until January 2nd, I will be taking a break from blogging. To recharge myself and hopefully my creativity. (more…)

Why you should stop buying consultancy (at least by itself)

consultancyWhen should you use external consultancy? Are you wisely bringing in wider expertise, or wasting your money on people who won’t be around to see the consequences?

Such a question plagues many analytics or insight leaders. Indeed I have spoken to many, over the years, who are frustrated by the speed with which directors turn to consultants.

I’ve mentioned before the need to build the reputation of your team, to mitigate the risk, of external voices being listened to instead.

But, in this post, I want to turn to the topic of consultancy itself. I’m sharing these thoughts with a foot in both camps. I have decades of experience as a senior leader within a FTSE100 business. In that role, I have seen external consultants both add value & be a waste of money. (more…)